Our March 25, 2021 webinar featured Tatiana Khokhlova, Ph.D. from the University of Washington in Seattle, presenting:

“Bioeffects of Ultrasound"

View the lecture from the following link:

Dr. Tatiana (Tanya) Khokhlova is an Associate Professor of Research who specializes in ultrasound technology for cancer diagnostics and therapy. She joined UWGI faculty as Acting Instructor in 2012 after completing her PhD in Physics from Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) and postdoctoral training at the University of Washington. Dr. Khokhlova’s current research projects are primarily aimed at developing ultrasound-based non-invasive interventions for treatment of pancreas cancer termed pulsed focused ultrasound (pFUS) and translating these interventions and associated devices from pre-clinical studies to clinical trials. Other ongoing projects span a wide range of clinical targets, including minimally invasive evacuation of large traumatic hematomas, using ultrasound to stimulate the release of cancer biomarkers and non-invasive ablation options for benign prostate hyperplasia. This research is done in close collaboration with Center for Industrial and Medical Ultrasound (Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington).

This session was moderated by Narendra Sanghvi, Chief Scientific Officer of SonaCare Medical. Mr. Sanghvi is the co-founder of Focus Surgery Inc. and a pioneer in the field of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology. He is the inventor and developer of the Sonablate® HIFU device for the treatment of prostate disease.

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