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Experience the Food in Lyon – The gastronomic capital of the world

Lyon is above all famous for its gastronomy: it has been called the "world capital of gastronomy" thanks to the culinary critic Curnonsky since 1935!

Since then, Lyon has proven its reputation many times over against ever more successful competitors. However, this reputation is not recent, as the city has been known since the 19th century for its rich and generous cuisine. This authenticity is part of the criteria that have contributed to its reputation. The evolution of the "city of two hills" has made it an institution for gourmets from all walks of life. In addition to the restaurants of the region, the city has also become known for the "bouchons" serving local specialties.

Lyon's Specialties

Lyon is responsible for a large part of the world-renowned French local products. Among the specialties that have made the city famous, there are La Charcuterie, and especially the sausage. Their manufacturing techniques include small cubes of fat, as well as finely chopped lean meat. The city has also made a reputation for itself among lovers of cervelle de canut, gratons, rosette de Lyon, tablier de sapeur, cardons and beaujolais.

Lyon is notably known for its quenelle, which has been a local tradition since the 19th century. Les Bugnes, chocolate, ice cream, cheeses and mâchon lyonnais served in the famous Bouchons complete the list by bringing variety to local flavors. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Capital of Gastronomy has been promoting its beer, which is still celebrated today for its particular flavors.

The city has now 20 Michelin-starred restaurants, including that of Paul Bocuse, as well as many traditional restaurants called "les Bouchons Lyonnais".  Explore the many options now!

In Lyon, you can enjoy dishes from all over the world: from the city itself, of course, but also those prepared by the many passionate chefs who make Lyon the perfect destination for food lovers.  You can access and search for restaurants offering these specificities to help guide you in your choice of lunches or dinners. Bon appétit!

Lyon is not only gastronomy but also the city of…

...Cinema – Festival Lumière, Grand Lyon Film Festival

It was in Lyon in the 19th century that the Lumière brothers invented new photographic processes and filed the patent for the cinematograph. Cinema was born!

This festival is dedicated to the 7th art and open to the general public, to bring fresh perspective to films that tell the story of our world. The films are shown in fully upgraded technical conditions with new, restored and digital copies.

… Silk

Lyon has a long, lauded history of producing some of the most stunning silks in the world. Today, the tradition reigns, with major fashion houses looking to Lyon as the industry’s silk expert.

In Lyon, a labyrinth of over 400 tunnels and passageways – or traboules – weave together through the Croix-Rousse district. These discreet doors and subtle staircases are remnants, mementos perhaps, of the history of the city’s silk industry, a once-thriving industry that fueled the city for centuries.

...And lights with la Fête des Lumières

Ever since Lyon was founded, light has held a special place in the city and each year on 8 December, this special connection radiates throughout the city. The Festival of Lights is an international event renowned for its temporary light installations during which the city is metamorphosed for four magical evenings, reconnecting with a popular tradition dating back to 1852.

The Festival shows the heritage of the Presqu’île and Vieux-Lyon in its best possible light, illuminating its Renaissance facades and majestic buildings. Thanks to the artists' creations, Lyon’s most beautiful buildings serve as the backdrop for huge, magical son et lumière installations in which they are visible – or invisible. Light is now an integral part of Lyon's identity, revealing the beauty of its architecture and creating magnificent nocturnal landscapes.