Our December 1, 2021 webinar featured Professor Yufeng Zhou, Ph.D. from Chongqing Medical University presenting:

"Concerns of the Successful High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Ablations in Clinics"

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Professor Yufeng Zhou, Ph.D. received his B.S. and M.S. degree in acoustics from Nanjing University, China, in 1996 and 1999, respectively. He studied at Duke University and obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2003. Dr. Zhou is now leading a research center at the State Key Laboratory of Ultrasound in Medicine and Engineering, Chongqing Medical University. His major research interests include  ultrasound-induced bioeffects and their clinical applications. Because of the easy interaction of the ultrasonic waves with the biological tissue, complicated structure and environment of the target (i.e., solid tumor), and significant variations between the patients, HIFU ablation inside the body is much more complex than that in the phantom. According to the clinical experiences over twenty years in Chongqing and from our clinical partners worldwide, several concerns for the successful HIFU ablation, such as the biological focal region, ultrasound dose, and acoustic environment, will be discussed. With the progressive understanding of these phenomena and technical improvement, the performance of HIFU ablation (i.e., safety, effectiveness, efficacy, and benefits to the patients) will be improved.

This session was moderated by Professor Juan Tu, Ph. D., professor and the director in the Department of Acoustics at Nanjing University. Her research interests are primarily in the field of medical ultrasound, bubble dynamics, ultrasound contrast agents, ultrasound-mediated gene/drug delivery, and the mechanisms and bioeffects related to ultrasound-induced cavitation activity.

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