Our November 30, 2023 webinar featured Professor Shin-ichiro Umemura presenting: "SDT"

About the Professor

Shin-ichiro Umemura, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Research Scientist
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
Tohoku University

Shin-ichiro Umemura, Ph.D., is a Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University as well as a Research Scientist of Biomedical Engineering at the university. His research interests are in biomedical ultrasonics, especially therapeutic ultrasound enhanced by cavitation and microbubbles including sonodynamic therapy. They are extended to ultrasonic imaging, especially that for monitoring the noninvasive therapeutic processes. He was a Professor of Electrical as well as Biomedical Engineering at Tohoku University, from 2007 to 2018 and from 2008 to 2018, respectively. He also has experiences in both industry and medical academia though being an R&D member of Hitachi and a Professor in the Department of Human Healthcare at Kyoto University, from 1980 to 2005 and from 2005 to 2006, respectively. He is an IEEE Fellow since 2000, a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America since 2009, and a Fry Honorary Fellow of the International Society of Therapeutic Ultrasound since 2010.

About the Moderator

Francesco Prada, M.D.

Dr. Prada is a neurosurgeon and Director of the Acoustic Neuro-Imaging and Therapy Lab (ANTY-Lab) at the Neurologic Institute C. Besta in Milan. He specializes in the use of ultrasound for imaging and therapy of the nervous system, from intra-operative guidance for tumor removal to US mediated post-operative treatments. He actively participates in clinical treatment and researches related to treatment of various brain disease, especially brain cancer, with focused ultrasound (BBB opening, sonodynamic therapy) and he is developing a system to perform transcranial ultrasound guided focused ultrasound procedure to perform US mediated treatments (USgtUS). He is Brain Program Advisor for the Focused Ultrasound Foundation.