Our January 2024 webinar featured Hairong Zheng presenting: "Acoustic Tweezers: Design, System and Bio-application". This session was moderated by Professor Hairong Zheng.

About the Professor

Professor Hairong Zheng
Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hairong Zheng is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor and executive director at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His main research areas are medical imaging technology and instrumentation systems, focusing on magnetic resonance and ultrasound wave technology systems. Dr. Zheng has been supported by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and has led several major scientific research projects, including the National 973 Program and Special Fund for Research on National Major Research Instrument (Departmental recommendation). He also serves as the director of the National Innovation Center for Advanced Medical Devices, the Executive Committee of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), a member of the International Council for Science (ISC), a member of the National Manufacturing Powerhouse Strategy Advisory Committee, an executive director of the China Instrument and Control Society, and a vice-chairman of the Chinese Society for Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Zheng has been awarded the National Science and Technology Progress First Class Award.

About the Moderator

Professor Chih-Kuang Yeh
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Professor Chih-Kuang Yeh obtained his PhD degree in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University in 2004. In 2005, he joined the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan. He has excelled in academics, teaching, and social services, respectively. Professor Yeh's research focuses on the application of ultrasound technology in the biomedical field, with a particular emphasis on three main areas: (1) acoustic vortex technology for advanced medical applications, (2) ultrasonic neuromodulation and sonogenetics of brain disorders, and (3) precision medicine applications of ultrasound. He currently holds the position of distinguished professor at NTHU, the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering fellow (IAMBE fellow 2023) and is a senior member of the IEEE Society as well as an editor for three SCI journals: Ultrasonics, Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, and Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery. He has published over 155 papers and presented over 300 proceedings abstracts/papers at seminars and conferences. Professor Yeh has extensive experience in implementing industry-university collaborations and has obtained 19 patents. He founded two companies focused on ultrasound contrast agents (new drug) and catheter-based ultrasound (medical device) in 2013 and 2022, respectively.